Spreading joy through art & creativity



I teach the basics graphic design through Canva, how to set up your Canva account, or how to create and sell Canva Templates.


digital illustration

I teach all about color and how to use my favorite app to create beautiful illustrations on the iPad.


web design

I teach others how to create websites on Elementor for WP. This combines strategy, design skills, and simple web development.

Hello there!

I’m Kari, a graphic designer and educator who helps children and adults learn design thinking and digital art. I spent 8 years as a web and brand designer, and now I share my skills and knowledge to help others pursue a life of doing what they love.

Each day, I look for new ways that I can grow my creative practice. I am a lifeong learner and hope to spread that passion to others though my courses and vibrant designs.

Street View of the Old City in Lille

Fun fact: I gave up art in second grade because I didn't want to compete with my best friend.

I wish someone had told me at that time (besides my parents) that it’s OK to keep creating and that it’s important to find my own path rather than to compare myself with others.

I didn’t even know that graphic design was a legitimate “thing” until my senior year in college, when I undertook an internship in France. There, I discovered how design was used to communicate the country’s rich heritage with a modern twist, and that there is no “right way” to do things. Design is a creative discipline I could keep experimenting with.



Opening pretty doors for the future

It took me years of online classes and practical application to learn the design and business skills I needed to run my design biz and do work that makes me happy every day.

I want to help others learn early-on what I couldn’t, so they don’t have to waste years of their life working in unfulfilling careers. I believe that kind, happy people are the best people, and that each one of us can make an impact by sharing what we know and inspiring younger generations.

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